As Christ followers, Christians, we sometimes have it drummed into us that we need to be telling others about Jesus, maybe with some kind of wild eyed fervour.  But what if we just don’t feel it?  Maybe there is no daily euphoric high, no constant state of rapture that we feel we need to tell about Jesus as if we’ve stumbled upon some amazing new drug.

What if we know that we follow Christ because we follow Christ, and that’s just the way things are.  What if we keep trying to be a little more like Jesus simply because we believe it’s the right thing to do, simply because He’s real and we like Him and we hope that someone else might like to meet Him too?

The guys at work know that He somehow figures in my life. I even got the guts up to pray for a couple of them once when they were unwell or troubled by health issues.  They see me sometimes lugging my guitar in if I’ve a band practice or something after work.

When I’m at work, surrounded by computers, network cables and cold coffee it’s honestly a little tricky to simply drop into a conversation;  “Yeah, I was praying with some friends last night and Jesus was so real in the room, you actually felt there was someone extra in the room. Pretty amazing, huh? Huh?”.  I can nearly imagine the blank looks and the uncomfortable silence.

I started this writing on the first of two buses on the way home  from work, and then a couple more lines at the hairdressers.  Whilst there, the hairdresser and I chatted about how I came to be in Finland.  This story normally contains a bit about being Youth Pastor after university.  We chatted little about the country the hairdresser’s family came from, and how a friend from church has a wife from there too.  Normal stuff, but maybe Christians can talk about normal stuff too.

The drunk at the bus stop was really chatty too.  He enjoys .. “thinking, you know?  Like .. Thinking!”,  he explained, spreading his arms wildly.  “W-wwhat do you think ’bout?”

“You really wanna know?”, I grinned.  I think my teeth might have shown too.

“um .. “.  His turn to feel out of his depth for a moment.

“Well, I think about Jesus a lot.”.  Mikko took a moment to think about this, and wondered what other nonsense this weird sober guy was going to come out with.

The bus arrived and we shook hands for what seemed to be the 100th time.  “Nice to meet you. God bless.”

“Yeah, God bless you too.”, grinned Mikko.

To be honest, if we were all up in each other’s faces everyday with,


I think I’d queuing for the exit ramp real quick too.  Actually, some guy near the back of bible, Paul?, likens a group of Christ followers to the human body.  Not much point if the body is just a bunch of mouths, or ears, or feet.  The human body has a variety of parts, all doing their bit in their own way.  When I think about the church group I belong to, it’s the same.  Some make real good coffee, some are good at greeting others, some can explain things, some are musical, etc.

That’s just the way things are.

Mr Potato headMr Potato head – totally looks like a bunch of Christians

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