Telegram: One week in.

Ah well .. forget the rest of the article..


So, about a week ago I blathered on about how great Telegram is.  After talking-the-talk, now I need to walk it out.  I made a vow to myself to use either SMS or Telegram as my main chat applications, and using Whatsapp only if I really need to. Continue reading

Header of METCALFE Designs website – now in English


With great pleasure we now announce the METCALFE Designs website officially (more) open, and in English!

Go visit the site at!

Today we celebrated the grand opening  in the workshop at Upseerinkatu 5.  With us were many visitors and special guests Antikvariaatti Teema, Dorafs Enterprise, Di Donna, Jambo Siivous, KenFins, and KUDE Design.