That thing about a creature with wings and four faces

This post rambles around a bit, is a little ‘churchy’ and contains some ham-fisted and clumsy theology.  You have been warned. 😉

There are a few times in the bible where prophets have had visions of heaven. Often these visions, or even visits, include seeing the most freakiest of creatures. Strange beasts made up with parts of earthly creatures, yet I think they might have got it backwards when they wrote, “It had a lion’s face.”.

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My feeble, whispered, faithless prayer …

It’s hard to figure out sometimes what is going on when we enter spiritually dry seasons in our lives.  Calling this arid, dusty spiritual time a “Desert Experience” makes it seem somehow noble and worthwhile, almost heroic.  For those going through the desert, it can be an intensely lonely time and desperate time. Continue reading

Black and white picture of a sad clown

When Christians feel low ..

I toyed with titling this piece “When Christians get depressed”, but that wouldn’t be honest.  I’m not depressed, my wife had me tested.  But seriously, amongst Jesus’s followers there are a few elephants in the room, and this is one of them.  Christians do actually get low, blue and yes, even depressed.  God help us, not even the pastors seem to be exempt from having a bad day or three. Continue reading