AS parenting. A dad’s perspective.

At Not The Former Things, Shawna’s writing gives the world a candid view of a family with special needs children.  I’ve been following her blog for a while now and occasionally leaving comments.  Recently, she kindly asked me to write a little from my perspective as a dad in a family which has special needs as an ingredient.

The following post was originally posted there, but now I am posting it here too, with a few corrections and adjustments.  There was so much I wanted to say, I hardly to knew where to begin.  If you can imagine trying to mould a half inflated party balloon into a cube with your hands; it was like that in my head.

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Putin and Asperger Syndrome. Why does the world press care about AS so much?

Haven’t a clue.  It sells?

So .. anyways .. now apparently the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, possibly has Asperger Syndrome.  So?  What pulls a pea out of my nose about this is that once again Asperger Syndrome is being linked, however tenuously to people with a bad reputation in the West. Continue reading