When your life needs a Plan B: Life sucks but God is good

It’s ironic.

Looking back through this blog, it seems I mainly write posts about coping with hard times, and wondering if I can see God in them.  From taking up my guitar and singing church songs when I am just not in the mood for it (here and here) to euthanasing runts, there seems to be a constant paradox of “Yeah, life sucks but God is good.”. Continue reading

Facing uncertainty: Preparing for a possible change of employer.

Many of us have been there.  The work is regular and enjoyable.  You work with an amazing team and you finally have the tools you need to do your job.  Suddenly .. PAM .. a hurried team meeting brings the news that the contract you work for has been lost.  There is shock and some gallows humour before the reality sets in.  In 10 weeks time, you might be sitting in another office, learning ropes all over again. Continue reading