People power: Do you realise how powerful you are?

As 2016 stumbles to a close, I gotta say, it’s been a weird one. I wrote recently about the deaths I have seen, and now my mind is trying to figure out all this poo-litical stuff. The two big ones are of course Trump and Brexit.

It’s not the vote or referendum though which is on my mind.  It’s their aftermaths.  After the results of both were announced, the media was awash with reports of protests and racist abuse.  For some reason, the election of President who espouses racist or sexist rhetoric, or a referendum supporting a UK detached from Europe, has brought out the worst in some of us.  Somehow people now feel that overnight they are allowed to be however much of an asshole they want to be.

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Once in while, you come across something which just grabs you.  A work of art, piece of music or a picture.  Maybe it’s the progression of chords in a song, the way melodies interact with each other.  The work of art could be an old oil painting from an artist long gone which captures an expression or scene, or it could be a spontaneous picture you stumble across on the internet.  For whatever reason, we are captivated and something in our soul is awakened and time stands still.

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